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Anamosa State Penitentiary

Some facilities become like cities within themselves, requiring specialized water treatment plants. That’s the case for Anamosa State Penitentiary. IIW came alongside its leaders to develop a new water treatment plan for the maximum-security penitentiary prison that serves nearly 1,500 people on 16 acres in east central Iowa. Meeting the needs of the penitentiary included […]

Calamus Water System Improvements

Increasing capacity and meeting current state DNR regulations fueled the City of Calamus’ plans to upgrade its existing water tower and well. Working alongside IIW’s environmental engineers, the city installed a new well and combined reservoir and pumping facility that provides the city redundancy with additional storage and pumping volume. This system enabled the city […]

City Water Tower

IIW assisted the City of Dyersville with the planning and selection of a new water tower. After studying the City’s water system, IIW identified the best location, elevation, capacity, and type of water storage structure that would best meet the City’s needs. Meetings were held to educate the City on the various advantages and disadvantages […]

Cox Springs Pumping Facility

The City of Peosta is currently constructing a new water pumping facility along Cox Springs Road. The project is in the final phase of a larger project that connects the City of Peosta’s water distribution system from the corporate limits on the east edge of the City, to a large development approximately 1.5 miles away. […]

English Mill Road Pumping Facility and Water Main Extension

The City of Dubuque recently acquired the Central Iowa Water Association’s Vernon Township Water System and Barrington Lakes Water System with the intent of providing water service to areas currently served by those systems, located just west of the City. IIW was selected by the City to design a new waterworks pumping facility on English […]

Radium Treatment Facility

The picturesque rural community of Dyersville, home of the famed Field of Dreams, is known for its proactive approach to maintaining regulatory and environmental compliance—especially where the health of its citizens is concerned. Like many Midwest communities, the City was experiencing increasing levels of radium in their deep drinking water wells. The City took action […]

Roosevelt Street Water Tower

The City of Dubuque’s water system is comprised of nine pressure zones located within the Mississippi River Valley and adjacent bluffs. The northern section of Pressure Zone 2 has low pressure. Zone 2 serves customers located on a river bluff that varies significantly in elevation. As development has expanded to the north to higher elevations, […]

Sabula Water System Evaluation

Subsurface groundwater contamination issues led the City of Sabula to the IIW engineering team to develop a solution. The environmental engineers at IIW evaluated the current water distribution system and conducted a survey. With the results in hand, they developed a plan for a new well system, waterworks building and a 55,000-gallon reservoir. The new […]

Thunder Ridge Water Connection and Waterworks Building Modifications

The City of Peosta was in need of assistance when a nearby homeowners’ association, the Thunder Ridge Subdivision, wanted to connect to the City’s water system. IIW took the existing facilities and upgraded them to current DNR standards for supplying potable water to residents. The project consisted of modifications to the existing building, providing a […]

Water Treatment Facility

During a routine test on its raw water supply, the City of Bellevue discovered radium levels, while within the limits set by the EPA, were borderline high in terms of acceptability to the City. IIW worked with the City to determine a Radium Removal Facility would be needed to mitigate the high radium levels. The […]