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11th Street East Rehabilitation

When the crippling pavement of a thoroughfare in Dewitt, Iowa required fast action, IIW responded with completing the design and receiving the necessary approvals within three months. This project along 11th Street required additional coordination and federal requirements since it was funded through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and administered by the Iowa […]

11th Street West Rehabilitation

IIW worked with the City of Dewitt to extend the life a roadway that served as the only route through the city and a key commercial corridor while additional planning could be completed for a reconstruction. Recognizing that 11th Street West served as an artery to the heart of Dewitt, IIW made special arrangements throughout […]

14th Avenue Reconstruction

From the preliminary design to bidding to construction, IIW provided city leaders with the information and plans needed to improve traffic control and safety at an important intersection in their community. IIW helped the City of Dewitt devise a plan to realign the intersection of 14th Street and 8th Avenue and improve traffic control. The […]

1st Avenue Streetscape

The IIW design team transformed 1st Avenue into an inviting and artful streetscape reflective of the downtown’s personality and reminiscent of its signature landmark, the Basilica. IIW lined the Dyersville roadway with ornamental lighting, accented intersection corners with limestone medallions, integrated colored concrete in crosswalks and designed a 8-foot-wide sidewalk featuring two-feet of decorative concrete, […]

5th Avenue Corridor Reconstruction

Significant improvements to 5th Avenue gave the well-traveled corridor in Dewitt, Iowa, a much-needed facelift that also improved safety and reduced the city’s maintenance costs. Modern and aesthetically pleasing curb and gutter elements replaced a hodge-podge of culverts and impromptu drainage structures. These improvements increased driver safety by better defining the road and significantly reducing […]

6th Avenue Business District Reconstruction

IIW helped transform a downtown business district in DeWitt, Iowa, with the visioning of City, community, and business owners. Together, they developed a plan to reconstruct the 6th Avenue corridor that serves as the front doorway of many downtown businesses. Shoppers Skip & Jump The 17-block corridor, including the downtown business district, was not conducive […]

6th Avenue Downtown Streetscape

A desire to create a draw to downtown Dewitt and improve walkability and safety led city leaders to partner with IIW to complete a streetscape reflective of the community’s heritage and local artistry. IIW engineers provided three design alternatives and the relative costs of each based on the City’s needs and goals. The City chose […]

Anamosa State Penitentiary

Some facilities become like cities within themselves, requiring specialized water treatment plants. That’s the case for Anamosa State Penitentiary. IIW came alongside its leaders to develop a new water treatment plan for the maximum-security penitentiary prison that serves nearly 1,500 people on 16 acres in east central Iowa. Meeting the needs of the penitentiary included […]

Bellevue Wastewater Treatment Facility

IIW integrated new technology into wastewater treatment plant to give the City of Bellevue a more simple and clean process. The facility replaced a single path trickling filter plant that was hydraulically and organically overloaded with a new extended aeration activated sludge (AeroMod) system. The IIW engineering team developed a plan to address excessive inflow […]

Calamus Water System Improvements

Increasing capacity and meeting current state DNR regulations fueled the City of Calamus’ plans to upgrade its existing water tower and well. Working alongside IIW’s environmental engineers, the city installed a new well and combined reservoir and pumping facility that provides the city redundancy with additional storage and pumping volume. This system enabled the city […]

Chestnut Street

The Chestnut Street project led IIW to partner with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Grant County, the City of Platteville and University of Wisconsin – Platteville to develop and execute a plan to provide a more direct route to the university. This included incorporating a roundabout at the intersection where traffic chooses between Downtown Platteville […]

City Water Tower

IIW assisted the City of Dyersville with the planning and selection of a new water tower. After studying the City’s water system, IIW identified the best location, elevation, capacity, and type of water storage structure that would best meet the City’s needs. Meetings were held to educate the City on the various advantages and disadvantages […]

Citywide Storm Sewer Mapping & Study

IIW is performing a Citywide Storm Sewer Mapping & Study for the City of Peosta, Iowa in an effort to improve the storm water conveyance system. The project will include three phases. IIW is currently working on the first phase. The purpose of this phase is to map and provide an inventory of the City’s […]

Continuous Discharge Lagoon

The City of Mechanicsville faced a problem: The amount of inflow and infiltration (I&I) into the sanitary sewer reduced the overall wastewater detention within the existing aerated lagoon system. They needed a solution and called on IIW’s environmental engineering team to find it. IIW’s environmental engineers began with conducting a cost benefit analysis. The findings […]

Cox Springs Pumping Facility

The City of Peosta is currently constructing a new water pumping facility along Cox Springs Road. The project is in the final phase of a larger project that connects the City of Peosta’s water distribution system from the corporate limits on the east edge of the City, to a large development approximately 1.5 miles away. […]

Dubuque Industrial Park Expansion

After property in the existing industrial park became in short supply, the City of Dubuque partnered with IIW to look at expansion options. The IIW team began by investigating the site characteristics, developing a master plan, analyzing alternatives, and creating a conceptual design. IIW then assisted with the final design, testing, and construction administration. Using […]

English Mill Road Pumping Facility and Water Main Extension

The City of Dubuque recently acquired the Central Iowa Water Association’s Vernon Township Water System and Barrington Lakes Water System with the intent of providing water service to areas currently served by those systems, located just west of the City. IIW was selected by the City to design a new waterworks pumping facility on English […]

Far-Nuff Road Ditch Reconstruction

Severe erosion and pavement damaged caused by high volumes of precipitation created a public safety hazard in Cassville Township. Township leaders enlisted IIW’s team of municipal engineers to identify the best solution to repair Far-Nuff Road and work with state and federal authorities to see it through. IIW performed a route survey and analyzed options […]

Galena River Boat & Canoe Launch

Reminiscent of a historic riverboat launches, IIW designed a new wharf and launch along the City of Galena Riverbank. IIW identified and overcame poor soil conditions through the special structural design of a retaining wall. IIW used form-lined colored concrete to simulate the appearance of a limestone wall. IIW’s work on this project began an […]

IA 38 Reconstruction

The IA 38 reconstruction in the City of Stanwood includes approximately 3/4 mile of urban and rural roadway with ADA-compliant sidewalks. The existing roadway was in poor condition due to soft subgrade soils, and poor surface drainage. The City also identified the need to replace both sanitary sewer and water main originally installed around the […]

Industrial Client Wastewater Treatment Facility

IIW is working with an industrial manufacturer in the Midwest on a new WWTF. The client operates the WWTF to treat flows from the offices, showers, and restrooms at the main manufacturing facility. The existing treatment plant is old and uses an antiquated treatment process that struggles to meet current IDNR effluent standards. The processes […]

Jackson County Freedom Rock Memorial

The Freedom Rock Tour is an idea conceived by the artist of the Freedom Rock, a painted boulder that symbolizes gratitude to our nation’s Veterans to honor their service to our country. The goal of the tour is for all 99 counties in Iowa to have a Freedom Rock site. The City of Bellevue was selected […]

Lagoon Upgrade and Headworks Improvement

In order to deal with extreme I/I flows, the City of Wyoming’s wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) is transitioning from a controlled discharge lagoon to a continuous discharge process. Their lagoon size could only handle a certain level of flow due to high I/I flows—the WWTF was discharging multiple times per year which was in violation […]

Lansing Wastewater Pumping & Treatment Facility

Using the technical expertise of IIW’s engineering team, the City of Lansing upgraded its wastewater treatment system with a newly constructed extended aeration treatment plant (AeroMod) that’s also accompanied by a new administrative and laboratory building on site. The new facility, located adjacent to the Mississippi River, replaced an aging contact stabilization plant. The environmental […]

Leisure Lake Wastewater Treatment Facility

With an conservative eye, the IIW environmental engineering team completed an overhaul of Leisure Lake’s Wastewater Treatment Facility that reduced project costs and delivered long-time energy savings. IIW’s engineers replaced more than 400 on-site septic systems with a three-cell controlled discharge lagoon with a synthetic liner. Rugged topography and excessive costs of conventional sanitary sewer […]

Lower Bee Branch Creek Restoration

Located in the north-central portion of Dubuque, the Bee Branch drainage basin has a long history of extreme flooding. The Bee Branch Restoration Project aims to change that. In the initial phase, IIW designed two continuous concrete slab bridges that met the community’s goals for flood prevention and aesthetic appeal. Early in the project, leaders […]

Maquoketa Streetscape

The City of Maquoketa’s downtown was in need of definition. More than seven years earlier, a fire destroying five buildings had left a hole in the City’s downtown. Its streets and sidewalks needed to be replaced and efforts were underway to attract new businesses. With its residents’ support, the City decided to move forward with […]

Miles Wastewater Treatment Facility

The WWTF in the City of Miles was originally constructed in 1968. It is nearing the end of its mechanical life and does not meet current standards for redundancy. In addition, during facility planning, the 100-year flood elevation was determined to be significantly higher than the existing structures, which would have required flood protection measures. […]

North Cascade Road over the South Fork Catfish Creek

IIW led the emergency replacement of the North Cascade bridge after it was washed out by a summer storm in Dubuque, Iowa. IIW’s engineering team conducted a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to determine the optimal type, size and location of the bridge over South Fork Catfish Creek. The mapped floodplain and detailed flood study led […]

North Fork Maquoketa Riverbank

IIW worked with Jackson County to provide emergency stabilization of an eroding riverbank. The bank had nearly undercut an existing county road. During the first phase, IIW completed plans to prevent further erosion by replacing 200 linear feet of riprap armor and the associated fill. IIW engineers placed bendway weirs in the river channel and […]

Peosta Street Roundabout

IIW developed a specialized design for an urban roundabout that could accommodate an exceptionally large load and 19-axle heavy haul trucks in the City of Peosta while providing a gateway to the nearby college campus. IIW modeled the heavy haul trucks turning movements and designed the roundabout to accommodate the large load while still keeping […]

Peosta Wastewater Collection System Improvements

The City of Peosta has experienced both tremendous population growth and commercial development in the past twenty years. To meet future demand, the City is expanding its sewer capacity in two areas of the City in anticipation of further growth. IIW is designing nearly 9000 LF of sanitary sewer piping. The project consists of two […]

Peosta Wastewater Collection System Improvements

IIW recently completed a Facility Plan for a new wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) in the City of Peosta. The City of Peosta has been experiencing rapid growth since 2005 and their existing lagoons are currently loaded to more than 70 percent of their rated capacity. Previous planning studies indicate that capacity may be reached within […]

Preston Wastewater Treatment Lagoon

The City of Preston hired IIW’s team of municipal engineers to design a replacement aeration system for the existing wastewater treatment lagoon. The new aeration system was installed in the first two cells of the five-celled lagoon. In addition to the aeration system, a recirculation pumping system was constructed to allow for effluent from the […]

Radium Treatment Facility

The picturesque rural community of Dyersville, home of the famed Field of Dreams, is known for its proactive approach to maintaining regulatory and environmental compliance—especially where the health of its citizens is concerned. Like many Midwest communities, the City was experiencing increasing levels of radium in their deep drinking water wells. The City took action […]

Roosevelt Street Water Tower

The City of Dubuque’s water system is comprised of nine pressure zones located within the Mississippi River Valley and adjacent bluffs. The northern section of Pressure Zone 2 has low pressure. Zone 2 serves customers located on a river bluff that varies significantly in elevation. As development has expanded to the north to higher elevations, […]

Rountree Branch Trail

A community initiative to promote outdoor activity among residents and visitors led to IIW shaping a 2.5-mile stretch of the Rountree Branch Trail in Platteville and included the development of a new pedestrian bridge crossing. This Moving Platteville Outdoors” project was made possible by an initial stewardship grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources […]

Sabula Water System Evaluation

Subsurface groundwater contamination issues led the City of Sabula to the IIW engineering team to develop a solution. The environmental engineers at IIW evaluated the current water distribution system and conducted a survey. With the results in hand, they developed a plan for a new well system, waterworks building and a 55,000-gallon reservoir. The new […]

Silver Creek Trail 

In an effort to expand its community trails, the City of DeWitt worked with IIW on the northerly continuation of the Skeffington Memorial Trail. This trail was previously designed by IIW in Westbrook Park and initially crossed under the 11th Street Bridge. The Silver Creek Trail project included a preliminary design to align the new […]

Skeffington Memorial Trail

IIW worked with the City of DeWitt to convert an existing dirt trail to an ADA compliant paved trail. The 10’ wide trail has a total length of 1.3 miles in a loop network, connecting the public sidewalk to the on-site bridges and the main trail in Westbrook park. In addition to its scenic, wooded […]

Sludge Management

Soon after the City of DeWitt, Iowa, called on IIW to propose a plan for sludge management at the existing wastewater facility, city leaders learned of a new industry development that would bring the plant to 98 percent capacity. IIW’s engineers remained nimble and responsive to the City’s needs as they worked to set new […]

Thunder Ridge Water Connection and Waterworks Building Modifications

The City of Peosta was in need of assistance when a nearby homeowners’ association, the Thunder Ridge Subdivision, wanted to connect to the City’s water system. IIW took the existing facilities and upgraded them to current DNR standards for supplying potable water to residents. The project consisted of modifications to the existing building, providing a […]

Upper Bee Branch Creek Restoration

The City of Dubuque’s Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project was the largest capital improvement project in the City’s history, serving as both a watershed solution and a catalyst for neighborhood reinvestment and revitalization. The design takes former industrial, commercial, and residential properties and creates an open waterway with a linear park—complemented by highly-visible bridge, culvert, […]

Veterans Memorial Parkway

IIW partnered with the City of Davenport to develop a new crossing of Crow Creek and an urban roadway to meet the growing needs of the community and provide enhanced walkways. The Veterans Memorial Parkway project included complete street design concept providing not only a four-lane divided urban roadway, but also a 10-foot wide trail […]

WWTF Lagoon Upgrade, Headworks Improvement

The City of Fayette’s wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) did not meet current DNR ammonia limits for wastewater effluent. With IIW’s design expertise, the City of Fayette was able to meet the DNR limits with a 2015 lagoon upgrade and headworks improvement. The Headworks Building Improvements included replacing equipment for flow measurement, fine screening, grit removal, […]

Walkways for Life – Mill Creek Trail

The ability to maneuver a roadway by foot or wheelchair can enliven a community and spur economic development. Bellevue saw the benefits firsthand after IIW completed a plan to improve sidewalks to the city’s business district. The plan included the replacement of five blocks of sidewalk along the business strip on Highway 52 and the […]

Wastewater Treatment Facility, Calamus

IIW completed a facility planning study for the City of Calamus’s WWTF. The study identified an expansion of the existing two-cell controlled discharge lagoon system to a three-cell controlled discharge lagoon system. This would bring the WWTF well under the limits of the DNR. The improvement project includes construction of a primary cell lagoon at […]

Wastewater Treatment Facility, Phases I, II, and III

IIW has a long history of providing engineering services to the City of Dyersville. The original mechanical WWTF at the current site was constructed in 2001-2002. This project, now referred to as Phase I improvements, primarily included an influent lift station, a headworks/administration building with mechanical fine screening and grit removal, a three-channel oxidation ditch, […]

Water Street over Wapsipinicon River

IIW’s work on the Water Street bridge over the Wapsipinicon River in Quasqueton, Iowa, began with the evaluation of a series of rehabilitation options. IIW helped city and county officials understand the costs of structure repair compared to a new structure. Upon the review of the widening options, the City and County chose to replace […]

Water Treatment Facility

During a routine test on its raw water supply, the City of Bellevue discovered radium levels, while within the limits set by the EPA, were borderline high in terms of acceptability to the City. IIW worked with the City to determine a Radium Removal Facility would be needed to mitigate the high radium levels. The […]

Western Avenue Reconstruction

IIW transformed a once rural stretch of roadway in Maquoketa, Iowa, into an urban street where community members can connect and be active. A new 4-foot sidewalk provides a safe connection from the Platt Street trail to the high school. While the sidewalk may be the most eye-catching change, many of the upgrades to Western […]