Millwork District Street Redevelopment

IIW designed a two-way street conversion in accordance with the city’s master plan to better facilitate truck traffic and avoid the confusion and out of the way travel needed to access some areas within Historic Millwork District in Downtown Dubuque. The master plan identified streets that allowed for two-way traffic as more appropriate for the […]

Cedar Cross Road Development

With an eye on rezoning, Royal Oaks Development looked to IIW to review grading options and driveway access to change a newly acquired property from agricultural to commercial and conduct a complex traffic study required by the City of Dubuque. The parcel along Cedar Cross Road between U.S. Highway 20 and Starlight Drive included several […]

Blain’s Farm & Fleet

The construction of a new 114,000-square-foot retail facility with plans for three smaller retailers called for the completion a traffic impact study. Blain’s Farm and Fleet chose IIW to assess the traffic volumes and provide the Traffic Impact Analysis Report required by the City of Dubuque before approval of a final site plan. IIW conducted […]

11th Street Reconstruction

The expansion of a local middle school and high school led officials to partner with IIW to design and oversee the associated street-widening project. This included a series traffic control improvements to better accommodate students and parents. The school building and parking lot expansion not only led to the widening of 11th Street, but also […]