IA 38 Reconstruction

The IA 38 reconstruction in the City of Stanwood includes approximately 3/4 mile of urban and rural roadway with ADA-compliant sidewalks. The existing roadway was in poor condition due to soft subgrade soils, and poor surface drainage. The City also identified the need to replace both sanitary sewer and water main originally installed around the […]

6th Avenue Downtown Streetscape

A desire to create a draw to Downtown Dewitt and improve walkability and safety led city leaders to partner with IIW to complete a streetscape reflective of the community’s heritage and local artistry. IIW engineers provided three design alternatives and the relative costs of each based on the city’s needs and goals. The City chose […]

State Highway 78 (Wiota – Argyle)

IIW led the improvement efforts of a 7.1- mile stretch of State Highway 78 between Wiota and Argyle in Lafayette County, Wisconsin, including the replacement of a functionally obsolete, narrow, and structurally deficient bridge. This expansion project includes multiple components, including improving the existing roadway and signage, upgrading the culverts, designing the replacement bridge over […]

Veterans Memorial Parkway

IIW partnered with the City of Davenport to develop a new crossing of Crow Creek and an urban roadway to meet the growing needs of the community and provide enhanced walkways. The Veterans Memorial Parkway project included complete street design concept providing not only a four-lane divided urban roadway, but also a 10-foot wide trail […]

Peosta Street Roundabout

IIW developed a specialized design for an urban roundabout that could accommodate an exceptionally large load and 19-axle heavy haul trucks in the City of Peosta while providing a gateway to the nearby college campus. IIW modeled the heavy haul trucks turning movements and designed the roundabout to accommodate the large load while still keeping […]

IA 32 (Northwest Arterial) Capacity Improvements

The IA 32 capacity improvement project went beyond the expansion of the roadway to include the integration of new traffic technology, including a fiber optic system, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, stop bar cameras, microwave detection and connection to the traffic control center located in city hall. The roadway improvements included the realignment and addition of left and […]

Chestnut Street

The Chestnut Street project led IIW to partner with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Grant County, the City of Platteville and University of Wisconsin – Platteville to develop and execute a plan to provide a more direct route to the university. This included incorporating a roundabout at the intersection where traffic chooses between Downtown Platteville […]

C57-V62 Roundabout

Well-designed roadways can mean the difference between life and death. A series of fatalities at the intersection County roads C-57 and V-62 led Buchanan County to call on IIW’s expertise. IIW evaluated the options and moved forward with the development of a roundabout that received a statewide recognition. IIW performed all the design aspects for […]