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Galena River Boat & Canoe Launch

Reminiscent of a historic riverboat launches, IIW designed a new wharf and launch along the City of Galena Riverbank. IIW identified and overcame poor soil conditions through the special structural design of a retaining wall. IIW used form-lined colored concrete to simulate the appearance of a limestone wall. IIW’s work on this project began an […]

Jackson County Freedom Rock Memorial

The Freedom Rock Tour is an idea conceived by the artist of the Freedom Rock, a painted boulder that symbolizes gratitude to our nation’s Veterans to honor their service to our country. The goal of the tour is for all 99 counties in Iowa to have a Freedom Rock site. The City of Bellevue was selected […]

Rountree Branch Trail

A community initiative to promote outdoor activity among residents and visitors led to IIW shaping a 2.5-mile stretch of the Rountree Branch Trail in Platteville and included the development of a new pedestrian bridge crossing. This Moving Platteville Outdoors” project was made possible by an initial stewardship grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources […]

Silver Creek Trail 

In an effort to expand its community trails, the City of DeWitt worked with IIW on the northerly continuation of the Skeffington Memorial Trail. This trail was previously designed by IIW in Westbrook Park and initially crossed under the 11th Street Bridge. The Silver Creek Trail project included a preliminary design to align the new […]

Skeffington Memorial Trail

IIW worked with the City of DeWitt to convert an existing dirt trail to an ADA compliant paved trail. The 10’ wide trail has a total length of 1.3 miles in a loop network, connecting the public sidewalk to the on-site bridges and the main trail in Westbrook park. In addition to its scenic, wooded […]

Walkways for Life – Mill Creek Trail

The ability to maneuver a roadway by foot or wheelchair can enliven a community and spur economic development. Bellevue saw the benefits firsthand after IIW completed a plan to improve sidewalks to the city’s business district. The plan included the replacement of five blocks of sidewalk along the business strip on Highway 52 and the […]