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Structural Engineering

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Industrial / Manufacturing: Damage Inspection, Assessment, and Repairs

Sometimes the unexpected happens in industrial and manufacturing buildings–whether it be discovering questionable cracks in a reinforced concrete structure, or finding a steel building column was accidently... > READ MORE

Industrial / Manufacturing: Equipment/Machine Foundations

Machines, storage tanks, and other equipment are an integral part of industrial and manufacturing buildings. In most cases, it is vital that the equipment be securely anchored to a solid foundation with... > READ MORE

Industrial / Manufacturing: Bridge Crane and Conveyor Support Systems

Hanging a crane or conveyor system from an existing structure requires structural analysis to ensure the existing structure can safely support loads generated by the crane or conveyor system. IIW's structural... > READ MORE

Industrial / Manufacturing: Building Modifications

Industrial and manufacturing buildings often require modifications to meet the demands of the ever-changing operations within those buildings. IIW's structural engineers assist with a variety of building... > READ MORE

11th Street/Grove Terrace Retaining Wall

The IIW team revived the historic limestone retaining wall supporting Grove Terrace within the nationally recognized Historic District in the thriving community of Dubuque, Iowa.... > READ MORE