Water Street over Wapsipinicon River

Quasqueton, IA

Water Street over Wapsipinicon River

IIW’s work on the Water Street bridge over the Wapsipinicon River in Quasqueton, Iowa, began with the evaluation of a series of rehabilitation options. IIW helped city and county officials understand the costs of structure repair compared to a new structure.

Upon the review of the widening options, the City and County chose to replace the structure and used city bridge funds available through the Iowa Department of Transportation. The plan called for widening to a 32-foot roadway and a 7-foot sidewalk on a four-span precast, pre-stressed beam bridge.

The IIW team evaluated several alignments to minimize impacts on adjacent property and provided an option that avoided the need for additional right-of-way.

IIW also coordinated and balanced a variety of environmental considerations for the site. This included keeping the nearby parkland in use and replacing the adjacent boat launch and parking area as mitigation measures

For those who love the technical side of bridges (like us), IIW designed a substructure of the bridge consisting of two integral abutments, two fixed tee piers, and one expansion tee pier. Shallow bedrock led the IIW team to support these piers on spread footings and piles.


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