Veterans Memorial Parkway

Davenport, IA

Veterans Memorial Parkway

IIW partnered with the City of Davenport to develop a new crossing of Crow Creek and an urban roadway to meet the growing needs of the community and provide enhanced walkways.

The Veterans Memorial Parkway project included complete street design concept providing not only a four-lane divided urban roadway, but also a 10-foot wide trail and a 5-foot wide sidewalk. IIW seized opportunities to incorporate sustainable design, including the use of bioswale in the roadway median. This landscape element helps remove silt and pollution from runoff water.

IIW determined the most-effective bridge size using HEC-RAS hydraulic bridge model, which included interpretation of the original FEMA HEC-2 model, performing a hydraulic analysis of multiple design alternatives, and meeting a series of state and federal requirements since the site is within a detail flood study area. The bridge spans 262 feet over Crow Creek with a two-span beam bridge and a variable skew due to the curved roadway alignment.


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