State Highway 78 (Wiota – Argyle)

Lafayette County, WI

State Highway 78 (Wiota – Argyle)

IIW led the improvement efforts of a 7.1- mile stretch of State Highway 78 between Wiota and Argyle in Lafayette County, Wisconsin, including the replacement of a functionally obsolete, narrow, and structurally deficient bridge.

This expansion project includes multiple components, including improving the existing roadway and signage, upgrading the culverts, designing the replacement bridge over Cherry Creek and changing the alignment of the Spore Road intersection with Highway 78, which was identified by local stakeholders and residents as having poor sight distance.

From start to finish, IIW played a key role in this important community project that engaged the public in a variety of ways. IIW provided a series of professional services for this project, ranging from topographic survey, wetland delineation and hydraulic analysis for bridge sizing to DNR coordination, Transportation Project Platting (TPP) and final design plans.

The project required Section 106 clearance, a Phase 1 Hazardous Materials Assessment, an Environmental Report, preparation of Trans 75 justification, Traffic Management Plan, Design Exception Report, and extensive utility coordination.

IIW coordinated archaeological and historical investigations and the necessary title searches.


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