Silver Creek Trail 

DeWitt, Iowa

Silver Creek Trail 

In an effort to expand its community trails, the City of DeWitt worked with IIW on the northerly continuation of the Skeffington Memorial Trail. This trail was previously designed by IIW in Westbrook Park and initially crossed under the 11th Street Bridge.

The Silver Creek Trail project included a preliminary design to align the new trail along Silver Creek, north of 11th Street. The project included a 4,200’ long by 10’ wide trail with 2’ shoulders on each side complying with both AASHTO and ADA criteria. The design was completed to identify constraints, proposed trail alignment, and preparation of a hydraulic and hydrologic analysis to identify the floodway, the appropriate crossing of the creek, and to obtain a DNR flood plain construction permit.

The trail follows and crosses the stream utilizing an existing vehicular bridge, without rerouting riders to enter traffic.

The cost estimate and design exhibit were initially prepared to allow the City of DeWitt to budget for the trail construction in future years, as well as apply for grants to assist in funding the trail.

Since the trails completion, many DeWitt residents have enjoyed this amenity over the past several years.

IIW provided civil engineering and land surveying services for the project.


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