Rountree Branch Trail

Platteville, WI

Rountree Branch Trail

A community initiative to promote outdoor activity among residents and visitors led to IIW shaping a 2.5-mile stretch of the Rountree Branch Trail in Platteville and included the development of a new pedestrian bridge crossing. This Moving Platteville Outdoors” project was made possible by an initial stewardship grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and in partnership with a variety of state, city and private funders and other community stakeholders.

The resulting ADA accessible trail is 8 to 10 feet wide with a mix of asphalt and concrete pavement and includes lighting along the corridor to promote safety and aesthetics.

Throughout the project, IIW connected with a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from the City of Platteville and the Platteville Community Arboretum and hosted public meetings to review the proposed trail route.

Throughout the route, IIW created an optimal trail design based on potential erosion, floodplain permitting needs, existing structures and impacts on adjacent businesses.

IIW coordinated its efforts with the WDNR to meet the design requirements for the grant, coordinate the design of a one-mile stretch of the trail that uses the Pecatonica State Trail Corridor and ensure the project minimized or avoided impacting nearby wetlands and endangered resources.


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