Peosta Street Roundabout

Peosta, IA

Peosta Street Roundabout

IIW developed a specialized design for an urban roundabout that could accommodate an exceptionally large load and 19-axle heavy haul trucks in the City of Peosta while providing a gateway to the nearby college campus.

IIW modeled the heavy haul trucks turning movements and designed the roundabout to accommodate the large load while still keeping the geometry required for safe roundabout speeds.

To address potential traffic back ups on Peosta and Highway 20, IIW had previously worked with Northeast Community College to complete a new primary access to campus, NICC Drive.

When considering the appropriate intersection type to connect the roadways and the desire to create a desirable entrance to the college, a roundabout best fit the situation.

IIW designed a 140-foot roundabout to enhance the safety of vehicles turning into the college while also improving the capacity of the street network. The roadway opened on time and under budget.


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