Lower Bee Branch Creek Restoration

Dubuque, IA

Lower Bee Branch Creek Restoration

Located in the north-central portion of Dubuque, the Bee Branch drainage basin has a long history of extreme flooding. The Bee Branch Restoration Project aims to change that. In the initial phase, IIW designed two continuous concrete slab bridges that met the community’s goals for flood prevention and aesthetic appeal.

Early in the project, leaders engaged the public to provide feedback on aesthetic components and share neighborhood concerns for the three-span bridges at Sycamore Street and 16th Street. IIW took in account the community’s input and incorporated form-lined precast façade panels to give the illusion that the bridge was a series of limestone arches. The design also included a Texas classic-style barrier rail and a custom concrete railing panels embossed with the street name.

To create a welcoming environment for pedestrians, IIW also incorporated a cantilevered concrete sidewalk on each side of both bridges.

The Sycamore Street bridge spans 100 feet with a 15-degree skew. Due to the proximity of the bridge to an intersection, IIW also designed a tapered turn lane, resulting in the varying bridge width from 50-foot to 69-foot on each end. The 16th Street bridge is slightly larger at 110 feet with a skew of 30 degrees.


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