IA 38 Reconstruction

Stanwood, Iowa

IA 38 Reconstruction

The IA 38 reconstruction in the City of Stanwood includes approximately 3/4 mile of urban and rural roadway with ADA-compliant sidewalks. The existing roadway was in poor condition due to soft subgrade soils, and poor surface drainage. The City also identified the need to replace both sanitary sewer and water main originally installed around the turn of last century.

Drainage through the existing corridor was poor. IIW identified several hydraulic and hydrologic alternatives to make drainage improvements that met current design standards. The selected alternative not only improves drainage conditions within the project corridor, but also reduces flow to areas of the City that experienced localized flooding, while also alleviating pressure on an overwhelmed storm sewer. IIW’s design of the sanitary sewer and water main allows for both future growth, and continued maintenance, while minimizing the need to remove pavement.

To gain acceptance of the project, IIW participated in public information meetings and continued community outreach during the design. Phasing of the project was extremely important to maintain day-to-day activities for residents. IIW’s design took this into consideration, maintaining pedestrian, school, and vehicular access to a portion of the community that would otherwise be cut off from the remainder of the town.

IIW provided topographic and boundary survey, transportation engineering and design, permitting, construction observation for water and sanitary, and grant assistance.



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