D-22 Over Dry Creek Box Culvert

Buchanan County, IA

D-22 Over Dry Creek Box Culvert

Buchanan County called on IIW to evaluate a deficient, narrow bridge that faced growing traffic counts and was adjacent to an active railroad. IIW evaluated replacement options that provided solutions which did not impact adjacent railroad or encroach on the railroad right-of-way.

IIW performed a hydraulic analysis to determine structure options, selecting a reinforced concrete box culvert as the most economical solution. To meet design criteria and stay off the railroad right-of-way, the box culvert included a concrete bridge rail design which allowed the connection of steel beam guardrail. A reinforced vegetative slope allowed the project to be contained without encroachment onto the railroad right-of-way.

This innovative solution allowed the project to stay on schedule and minimized impacts to the adjacent rail road.



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