Cedar Cross Road Development

Dubuque, IA

Cedar Cross Road Development

With an eye on rezoning, Royal Oaks Development looked to IIW to review grading options and driveway access to change a newly acquired property from agricultural to commercial and conduct a complex traffic study required by the City of Dubuque.

The parcel along Cedar Cross Road between U.S. Highway 20 and Starlight Drive included several closely spaced driveways and city streets. IIW conducted a traffic analysis of the corridor that included six intersections and the addition of a new access to the development.

IIW used a variety of techniques and technology, including Synchro, to ensure it properly identified current traffic volumes and adequately model future traffic projections for the opening as well as after five years and 20 years of operation.

To add to the complexity of the study, IIW also needed to consider the effect of the new Southwest Arterial Highway based on the Southwest Arterial Project Location Study done by others. This previous study indicated that through traffic on Cedar Cross Road would decrease when the Southwest Arterial was open to traffic. Using the Synchro model, IIW identified a level of service based on a measure of how much delay the driver experiences for all scenarios at all intersections.


Traffic Engineering