C57-V62 Roundabout

Buchanan County, IA

C57-V62 Roundabout

Well-designed roadways can mean the difference between life and death. A series of fatalities at the intersection County roads C-57 and V-62 led Buchanan County to call on IIW’s expertise. IIW evaluated the options and moved forward with the development of a roundabout that received a statewide recognition.

IIW performed all the design aspects for the roundabout and facilitated several public meetings to educate the community on the safety and operational characteristics of roundabouts.

Among the key design considerations for the roundabout was the ability for large trucks and specifically those carrying large wind turbine components, to safely maneuver. This led to the evaluation of a turning templates and installation of removable signs at some locations.

The Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa Concrete Paving Association recognized the project in 2013 as the best Roundabout Construction.


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