6th Avenue Downtown Streetscape

Dewitt, IA

6th Avenue Downtown Streetscape

A desire to create a draw to Downtown Dewitt and improve walkability and safety led city leaders to partner with IIW to complete a streetscape reflective of the community’s heritage and local artistry.

IIW engineers provided three design alternatives and the relative costs of each based on the city’s needs and goals. The City chose a highly aesthetic design plan that incorporated images from local artist John Bloom. The design also called attention to the nearby crossroads of two transnational highways.

To address concerns of traffic speed and safety, IIW designed bump outs as traffic calming measures and reviewed motorist “vision triangles” to verify how close vehicles could park to the intersections without blocking the vision of the driver.

Recognizing the financial hardship construction could place on nearby businesses, IIW focused on keeping the project on schedule and communicating with the local stakeholders each week.

Private utility coordination required significant attention during this project, especially the relocation of the overhead utility lines to underground lines while maintaining service to those along the project corridor.


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