11th Street Reconstruction

Dewitt, IA

11th Street Reconstruction

The expansion of a local middle school and high school led officials to partner with IIW to design and oversee the associated street-widening project. This included a series traffic control improvements to better accommodate students and parents.

The school building and parking lot expansion not only led to the widening of 11th Street, but also called for a series of other changes related to new vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns to accommodate the growing school.

The improvements to 11th Street included converting the roadway from a rural cross section to an urban cross section. The elimination of the rural ditches allowed the addition of sidewalk where none previously existed.

This project included a “Safe Route to School” grant to install new traffic signal. This new traffic signal included push buttons to accommodate pedestrians. Other traffic control improvements included pavement marking and signing plans implementing the guidance in the 2009 MUTCD related to sizes and school zones.

The IIW team helped organize the information and effectively share each component of the project to the public, including the residents, school officials, and affected property owners. IIW actively participated in the public informational meetings, as well as the required public hearings.

Since the roadway was closed during construction, IIW prepared plans for detour using the state highway system.

IIW also provided the construction engineering services for this project.


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