Industrial / Manufacturing: Equipment/Machine Foundations

Industrial / Manufacturing: Equipment/Machine Foundations

Machines, storage tanks, and other equipment are an integral part of industrial and manufacturing buildings. In most cases, it is vital that the equipment be securely anchored to a solid foundation with the capacity to resist lateral and uplift loads generated by the equipment, or by wind against the equipment for outdoor installations. IIW’s structural engineers work with our clients and their equipment suppliers to design suitable equipment foundations focusing on minimizing disruption to production during construction.

Equipment/Machine Foundations

  • Complicated Machining Centers Requiring Close Coordination with Equipment Manufacturers
  • Deep Excavations Requiring Specialized Shoring
  • Jib Cranes
  • Storage Tanks and Silos
  • Welding Stations
  • Testing Hold-Down, Mass Foundations, and Anchoring Systems
  • Paint Systems

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