Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

While the structural elements of a bridge, building or other structure often go unnoticed or even unseen, they play an essential role in ensuring safety, functionality and sustainability.

Over the years, IIW has gone beyond the traditional structural services to bring its innovation to industrial, manufacturing and warehousing clients. This work covers a wide range, including: building modifications, damage inspections, assessments and repairs, equipment and machine foundations, building reinforcing for snow drifts, support systems for bridge cranes and conveyors, load ratings, catwalks, platforms, mezzanines and roof top equipment support.

IIW’s structural engineering team works behind the scenes to ensure safety standards are met while integrating purposeful features focused on functionality and aesthetics.

IIW’s structural engineers recognize that cost and functionality are critical to the viability of a project. They have a demonstrated track record of developing thoughtfully prepared construction documents that minimize surprises and make it easier to maintain project schedules and budgets.

Structural Expertise


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