Sludge Management

DeWitt, IA

Sludge Management

Soon after the City of DeWitt, Iowa, called on IIW to propose a plan for sludge management at the existing wastewater facility, city leaders learned of a new industry development that would bring the plant to 98 percent capacity.

IIW’s engineers remained nimble and responsive to the City’s needs as they worked to set new goals, identify peak flows and future needs, and change the expansion plans accordingly.

IIW’s wastewater engineering team proposed multiple options that met the needs of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the city’s goal of using as much of the existing facility as possible, while meeting the needs of the community. The final design met the city’s needs without any major, costly overhauls.

With the addition of a wastewater basin, the city’s facility is positioned for future needs, with minimal modifications to the existing facility. By adding the additional storage, the potential for overflow into the Wapsipinicon River is also mitigated.

The City used three separate funding sources to pay for the project. IIW set up the contract and established phasing to make efficient use of those funding sources ensuring potentially costly funding restrictions would not be applied to all portions of the project.