Preston Wastewater Treatment Lagoon

Preston, Iowa

Preston Wastewater Treatment Lagoon

The City of Preston hired IIW’s team of municipal engineers to design a replacement aeration system for the existing wastewater treatment lagoon. The new aeration system was installed in the first two cells of the five-celled lagoon.

In addition to the aeration system, a recirculation pumping system was constructed to allow for effluent from the final cell to be returned to the first cell for enhanced treatment efficiency.

IIW’s environmental engineers calculated the constituent loadings to the facility and the required amount of oxygen needed to provide adequate treatment. The plan also included new positive displacement blowers in the existing control building and fine-bubble diffuser tubing at the bottom of the first two lagoon cells.

IIW’s engineers designed an effluent flow measurement structure to provide an accurate method for determining effluent flow rates while positioning this structure to hydraulically accommodate future disinfection equipment.