Miles Wastewater Treatment Facility

Miles, Iowa

Miles Wastewater Treatment Facility

The WWTF in the City of Miles was originally constructed in 1968. It is nearing the end of its mechanical life and does not meet current standards for redundancy. In addition, during facility planning, the 100-year flood elevation was determined to be significantly higher than the existing structures, which would have required flood protection measures.

IIW is working with the City of Miles on a new WWTF, to be built on the existing site. The project includes preliminary treatment facilities, an influent pump station, an extended aeration activated sludge system, secondary clarifiers with sludge return and wasting systems, a UV disinfection system, and a solids handling facility.

The project is using Iowa CWSRF and CDBG funding. An SRF Planning and Design loan is being used to fund the design services. ECIA is serving as the administrator of these funds.

IIW is providing architectural, structural engineering, environmental engineering, land survey, construction administration, and testing & inspection services.