Lansing Wastewater Pumping & Treatment Facility

Lansing, Iowa

Lansing Wastewater Pumping & Treatment Facility

Using the technical expertise of IIW’s engineering team, the City of Lansing upgraded its wastewater treatment system with a newly constructed extended aeration treatment plant (AeroMod) that’s also accompanied by a new administrative and laboratory building on site.

The new facility, located adjacent to the Mississippi River, replaced an aging contact stabilization plant.

The environmental engineers at IIW designed this new building to enclose equipment that provides influent screening, grit removal, chemical feed for disinfection, aeration blowers, and plant controls. An Aeromod aeration and clarifier system provides secondary treatment with incorporated sludge digestion.

The existing sludge storage basin serves as a new aerated sludge storage basin. Sludge continues to be wet hauled by contract to area cropland and the final process steps are disinfection and flow measurement.

The project was funded in part by a Community Development Block Grant and an Iowa State Revolving Fund Loan.