English Mill Road Pumping Facility and Water Main Extension

Dubuque, IA

English Mill Road Pumping Facility and Water Main Extension

The City of Dubuque recently acquired the Central Iowa Water Association’s Vernon Township Water System and Barrington Lakes Water System with the intent of providing water service to areas currently served by those systems, located just west of the City. IIW was selected by the City to design a new waterworks pumping facility on English Mill Road. The improvements at the pumping facility site include a new pumping facility building, process piping, booster pumps, future accommodations for chemical feed equipment, electrical equipment, a standby generator, and site work.

The City of Dubuque also intends to install water main extensions that ultimately connect the Vernon Township and Barrington Lakes Water Systems to the City of Dubuque Water System. IIW will design and oversee the construction of nearly 15,800 LF of water main to accomplish the project goals of providing high quality potable water that the City of Dubuque is known for.

The pumping facility alone is unique—it is designed to function as two pump stations in one. This design allows the City to receive the capital savings benefit of having two pumping facilities under one roof in a single location. The design also benefits the City of Dubuque by adding pumping capabilities for future growth, specifically to accommodate future residential, commercial, and industrial growth created by the Southwest Arterial Corridor project that is currently being constructed.

IIW worked with the City quickly in order to use Iowa SRF funding. We walked them through all aspects of an SRF funded project to help determine a realistic schedule for the project, factoring in the regulatory process. IIW walked through all the critical steps of the SRF funded project with the City of Dubuque. This included the initial meeting with the Iowa SRF staff, preparation of the Preliminary Report, initiation of the Environmental Review Process, project design, and bidding.

IIW is providing municipal, civil, and structural engineering; survey; construction administration; and material testing and inspection for the project.