Continuous Discharge Lagoon

Mechanicsville, Iowa

Continuous Discharge Lagoon

The City of Mechanicsville faced a problem: The amount of inflow and infiltration (I&I) into the sanitary sewer reduced the overall wastewater detention within the existing aerated lagoon system.

They needed a solution and called on IIW’s environmental engineering team to find it.

IIW’s environmental engineers began with conducting a cost benefit analysis. The findings revealed modifying the existing lagoon cells with the addition of a cell quiescent as the most cost-effective solution to meet the proper detention time and treatment requirements.

IIW also identified a series of ways to save on energy costs into the future, starting with more efficient mechanical aerators. The installation of a new replacement pump station to handle the increased flow along with variable frequency drives on the pumps further reduced energy costs between low and high flow conditions.

The facility includes both influent and effluent flow measurement devices to gauge flow for internal and IDNR reporting.