Calamus Water System Improvements

Calamus, Iowa

Calamus Water System Improvements

Increasing capacity and meeting current state DNR regulations fueled the City of Calamus’ plans to upgrade its existing water tower and well.

Working alongside IIW’s environmental engineers, the city installed a new well and combined reservoir and pumping facility that provides the city redundancy with additional storage and pumping volume. This system enabled the city to meet current Iowa DNR regulations and provides the flexibility to manage increased system demands in the future.

This water system improvement project consisted of the construction of an 8-inch Jordan Well, a well pump, an emergency generator, and a new waterworks building that housed the process piping.

IIW also helped the city improve the existing waterworks building and system controls with an 88,000-gallon bolted steel reservoir and about 1,100 lineal feet of an 8-inch water main.