11th Street West Rehabilitation

Dewitt, Iowa

11th Street West Rehabilitation

IIW worked with the City of Dewitt to extend the life a roadway that served as the only route through the city and a key commercial corridor while additional planning could be completed for a reconstruction.

Recognizing that 11th Street West served as an artery to the heart of Dewitt, IIW made special arrangements throughout the construction process to minimize the impact and inconvenience to the public.

IIW created a plan that not only improved the roadway for vehicles, but also disabled pedestrians who depended on the sidewalks IIW worked with the Iowa Department of Transportation to create curb ramps that promote safety and met the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This project was one of the first projects that met the requirements of U.S. Public Right of Way Access Guidelines within Iowa DOT District 6.

The cost-effective alternative to improve the roadway included milling the roadway, repairing the underlying PCC pavement, and then overlaying it with HMA pavement. IIW further improved the roadway by repairing of all the intakes through the corridor and replacing portions of the sanitary system and water main.

This project, funded with federal aid, represented the final phase of a three-part project. IIW’s municipal engineering team provided all the design, contract administration, field inspection and field engineering services for this Local Public Agency (LPA) sponsored, Iowa DOT administered project.


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