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Municipal & Environmental Engineering

From roadways to the water towers, the infrastructure of the communities we live and work in define our experiences. They have the opportunity to reflect the community’s personality and values.

Every day at IIW, our team of municipal and environmental engineers has the privilege of working along side city leaders to complete plans that improve the quality of life in their communities.

It may be an eye-catching streetscape that revives the downtown or provides a place where community members can connect. Each project creates an opportunity to spur economic growth and development.

In other cases, the focus is far simpler: water quality and managing waste. Smart, responsive designs are essential in keeping residents and business owners satisfied and the city working in an orderly fashion. The IIW engineering team has experience helping cities better understand issues and employ effective solutions that can deliver cost savings for years to come.

The IIW team remains involved through each step of the process, from clearly outlining concerns and delivering sound solutions to involving the public and completing construction. This includes the ability to provide Construction Observation & Administration Services.  IIW often serves as the client’s advocate through the construction process by overseeing the construction and/or serving as the administrator.

Municipal & Environmental Expertise


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