Marina Riverfront Development


Marina Riverfront Development

The multi-phased project to create Guttenberg Marina began in 2005 when the city sought to develop an underutilized portion of their riverfront area. The city partnered with IIW to provide planning and development expertise to optimize the property and better connect it to the community.

The area’s proximity to downtown provided an opportunity to improve access from the river to the downtown businesses. Today, the Guttenberg Marina is a thriving facility with transient and permanent boat slips and a full-service comfort station.

The project involved significant coordination with regulatory agencies, city stakeholders and adjacent property owners. Two significant concerns for the development were parking and boat ramp accessibility.

In order to reduce potential congestion, IIW’s engineering team designed two dedicated parking areas for the marina and a concrete multi-use trail to connect the two lots and improve walkability.

The development included upgrading the city’s existing small boat ramp and designed a multi-purpose comfort station marina building, housing restrooms, showers, an information center, and a meeting space.

IIW positioned the marina’s facility to provide panoramic Mississippi River views and included a rooftop patio where patrons can savor the landscape. Exterior gathering spaces on the lower level are interconnected with the marina, upper patio and parking by a series of sidewalks and stairs.


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