The development of 84,210-square-foot FedEx facility in Dubuque, Iowa, called on the expansive expertise of IIW’s engineering, surveying and construction teams.

IIW’s role began with assisting the prospective owners in finding a suitable location that would accommodate the FedEx’s unique specifications for a prototype building and parking lot. The selected site spans more than 12 acres and included a 5.5-acre parking lot.

FedEx specifications required specific slopes for the entire surface of the truck parking and maneuvering area. The site also required compliance with the City of Dubuque’s criteria of Low Impact Development (LID) based storm water control so underground storm sewers were minimized by designing the pavement to optimize surface flow routes. In addition to these two requirements, consideration was also given to the earthwork balance and minimizing expenses, all of which provided interesting design challenges.

Due to the design-build nature of the project and the developer’s desire to control the schedule, an extension of the public street, Innovation Drive, was accomplished together with the site work. All work for Innovation Drive including grading and paving, water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, fiber optic and street lighting were accomplished according to city specifications. These improvements were dedicated to the city at the completion of the project.

IIW’s surveyors provided topographic surveying, plotting and construction staking for the project. IIW’s Construction Services team provided testing and inspection services for earthwork compaction and density testing, hot mix asphalt density testing as well as concrete sampling and testing for Innovation Drive, the parking lot and the building foundation.


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