Wisconsin DOT Projects

Wisconsin DOT

Wisconsin DOT Projects

IIW is able to provide a Construction Inspection Team, ranging from the Construction Leader to the Materials Tester, to Wisconsin DOT clients, counties, and townships. Our staff’s expertise is broad ranging—more than half of our staff has over 20 years of construction experience in HMA, PCC, underground, and more. We utilize Field Manager, MITS, FITS, and other project tracking software.

The list below highlights many of our Wisconsin DOT projects.

  • City of Shullsburg, Seymour Rod, Shullsburg Branch Bridge, Lafayette County, WI #5307-00-72
  • Steuben-Boscobel Pleasant Mount Road, to STH 60, Crawford County, WI #5002-01-73
  • Eagle Point Road, Town of Jamestown, Grant County, WI #5721-00-74
  • CTH N Over Cherry Creek, Lafayette County, WI #5675-00-70
  • Town of Willow Springs, Ferndal Road Bridge Over Pecatonica River, Lafayette County, WI #5720-00-73
  • USH 61 Dubuque – Dickeyville, RD Eagle Point RD Overpass, Grant County, WI #1200-01-74
  • Maple Ridge RD Town of Harnson Little Platte River Bridge & Approaches, Grant County, WI; #5629-00-74
  • CTH K: USH-18-STH 133 Road , Big Green River Bridge & Approaches /Hunters Hollow RD. – Green River RD, Grant County, WI; #5801-00-72 & 5801-00-73
  • USH61 Dubuque –Dickeyville Rd; Mississippi River Bridge – CTH H, Grant County, WI ; #1200-01-72
  • STH 133, E. Village Limits of Woodman – Boscobel RD, Grant County, WI; #5589-02-60
  • Wood Rd, Ames Branch Bridge & Approaches B-33-0120, Town of Darlington, Lafayette County, WI #5671-00-75
  • Stateline Road, West Form Apple River Bridge & Approaches, B-33-0122, Town of Monticello, WI #5674-00-70
  • Friendship Street Branch Bridge and Approaches, B-33-0120 Lafayette County, WI #5649-00-72
  • CTH-D, Chestnut Street, City of Platteville, B-22-270, Rountree Branch Bridge, Grant County, Wi #5996-00-40 & 5996-00-72 (design & project Leader)
  • Spring Valley Road, Bridge and Approaches, Grant County, WI #5757-00-72
  • CTH C, USH 18 – Millville RD, Warner Creek Bridge & Approaches, Grant County, WI #5704-00-70
  • Lost Hollow Rd, Bridge & Approaches, Town of Mount Hope, Grant County, WI #5803-00-70
  • CTH D, CTH A – CTH E Road, Crow Branch Bridge & Approaches, Grant County WI #5703-00-74
  • CTH H, CTH J- STH 91 Road, Fever River Bridge & Approaches, Lafayette County, WI #5233-00-71
  • HWY 23 – Darlington RD (STH 23), Lafayette County, WI #5245-00-73
  • Roller Coaster Road, Lafayette County, WI #5671-00-74
  • CTH W – From White Oak Springs Rd to Monticello Rd, Lafayette County, WI #5307-00-70
  • Link Road & Hilldale Rd, Grant County
  • CTH A; CTH J – Lancaster Rd, Grant River Bridge, Grant County, WI #5615-00-72
  • Sleepy Hollow Rad Bridge, Town of Liberty, Grant County, WI #5907-00-73
  • Stumptown Road Bridge, Town of Platteville, Grant County, WI #5668-00-72
  • Peddle Hollow Road Bridge, Town of Jamestown, Grant County, WI #5721-00-73
  • Airport Road Bridge, Town of Paris, Grant County, Wi #5979-00-70
  • Badger Rd Bridge, Town of North Lancaster, Grant County #5691-00-75
  • Rogers Road Bridge, Towns of North Lancaster, Grant County #561-00-76
  • Sandy Hollow Road, Town of Wyalusing, Grant County, WI #5982-00-70
  • South Boice Creek Road Bridge, Town of Potosi, Grant County Wi #5985-00-74
  • Pikes Peak Road Bridge, Grant County, WI 5985-00-74
  • LaBelle Street, City of Boscobel, Grant County, WI #5722-00-70
  • Big Green Road, Bridge, Town of Woodman, Grant County, WI #5693-00-70
  • STH 133, Town of Cassville, Grant County, WI #5704-00-72
  • Red Dog Road Bridge, Town of Harrison, Grant County, WI #5629-00-73
  • CTH U Beetown Branch, Grant County, WI #5957-00-73
  • CTH C Little Green River, Grant County, WI #5704-00-72
  • Dry Hollow Road Bridge, Town of Wyalusing, Grant County, #5982-00-71
  • Louiburg Road Bridge, Grant County, #5891-00-74
  • Slab Town Road Bridge, Grant County, WI #5756-00-73
  • Grandview Road Bridge, Town of Liberty, Grant County, WI #5907-00-72
  • Boice Creek Road Bridge, Grant County, WI #5985-00-73
  • US 61 Lancaster – Boscobel, City Limits St. to Fennimore CL; Grant County, WI #1650-06-73


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