W62 (Sharon Center Road) Over Old Man’s Creek

Johnson County, IA

W62 (Sharon Center Road) Over Old Man’s Creek

IIW’s partnerships with counties come in all forms. In the case of Johnson County, Iowa, county staff performed as much of the work for a new bridge before engaging the IIW DOT Project Management team to provide Construction Services.

The county engineers completed the plans, specifications, environmental, permitting and right-of-way acquisitions for the 201’-4” x 30’-6” PPCB standard Iowa DOT bridge

In addition to on-site observation, material testing and record keeping in conformance with federal aid requirements, IIW reviewed the design plans and assisted with updates since the calculation for pile bearing had changed since the plans were initially designed.

Focused on keeping the project on time, IIW organized progress meeting to hold the crews accountable to the set timeline.

IIW’s involvement in this project ranged from construction administration and onsite construction observation to materials testing, erosion control inspections and related services on behalf of Johnson County.




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