Iowa DOT Projects

Iowa DOT

Iowa DOT Projects

IIW is able to provide a Construction Inspection Team, ranging from the Construction Leader to the Materials Tester, to Iowa DOT clients, counties, and townships. Our staff’s expertise is broad ranging—over half of our staff has over 20 years of construction experience in HMA, PCC, underground, and more. We utilize Field Manager and IDOT software to make sure the project documentation and schedule stays on track. The list below highlights many of our Iowa DOT projects.

  • Matteson Street, City of Maquoketa, STP-U-4742(617)–70-49
  • Quarry Street, City of Maquoketa, STP-U-4742(618)–70-49
  • 11th Street Reconstruction, City of DeWitt, STP-U-1855(615)–70-23
  • Traffic Signals, City of DeWitt, SRTS-U-1855(614)–8U-23
  • PCC Pvmt-Grade & Replace, City of DeWitt, HDP-1855(612)–71-23
  • Bridge Replacement, City of Quasqueton, BRS-6282(602)–60-10
  • D22 over Pine Creek, Buchanan County, BRS-CO10(82)–60-10
  • Roundabout, Buchanan County, HRRR-C010(69)–5R-10
  • D22 Box Culvert, Buchanan County, BRS-C010(83)–60-10
  • D22 from ECL Independence to Winthrop Cemetery, Buchanan County, STP-S-C010(73)–5E-10
  • Quasqueton Bridge, Buchanan County, BRS-6282(602)–60-10
  • Hayes Street Bridge, Buchanan County/City of Hazelton, BROS-3385(601)–5F-10
  • 30th Avenue, Jackson County, BROS-C049(55)–5F-49
  • 140th Street, Jackson County, BROS-C049(58)–5F-49
  • Bellevue-Cascade Road, Jackson County, BRS-C049(62)–60-49
  • MRT Trail
    • X42 to Clayton County, Allamakee County, EDP-C003(046)–7Y-03
    • X52: B25 Inters. to IA 76 Allamakee County, STP-S-C003(52)–5E-03
    • X52: Red Oak to LaFayette Ridge Dr., Allamakee County, HDP-C003(57)–6B-03
  • Mud Lake Road, Dubuque County, HDP-C031(47)–6B-31
  • North Cascade Rd Bridge, Dubuque County/City, ER-C031(64)–58-31 & STP-U-2100(671)–5E-31
  • Wuchter Road Bridge, Dubuque County
  • Pilot Grove Bridge, Dubuque County
  • Herber Road, Dubuque County, BROS-C031(76)–8J-31
  • Military RD Over the SW Arterial, City of Dubuque, HDP-2100(664)–71-31
  • English Mill Rd Over the SW Arterial, City of Dubuque, HDP-2100(657)–71-31
  • Military RD Over the SW Arterial, City of Dubuque, HDP-2100(664)–71-31
  • Elm Street, City of Dubuque, TCSP-052-2(129)–9S-31
  • 61/151, City of Dubuque, STP-A-061-8(128)–22-31
  • Brunskill Road, City of Dubuque, BROS-2100(659)–8J-31
  • Loras, City of Dubuque, TCSP-PA27(003)–9S-31
  • E.B. Lyons, City of Dubuque, RT-2100(676)–9H-31, CIP No. 1002171
  • Fayette Trail, City of Fayette, RT-000S(609)–9H-00
  • Bellevue Rivervue Trail, City of Bellevue, TAP-R-0520(602)–8T-49
  • Belmont Trail, 5635-01-02
  • Airport Road, Grant County, WI, 5108-00-74
  • STH 78, 5590-03-71
  • Iowa Ave over Elk Crk, Clayton County, BROS-C022(073)–8J-22
  • Golden Avenue, Clayton County, FM-C022(074)–55-22
  • Blackberry Road, Clayton County, BROS-CO22(71)–8J-22
  • Osterdock Bridge Rehab , Clayton County, BHS-C022(078)–63-22
  • RCB Culvert, City of Guttenberg, ER-3167(603)8R-22
  • Garber Road Bridge Repl, City of Guttenberg, BRM-3167(604)–8N-22
  • W62 (Sharon Center Road), Johnson County, BROS-C052(82)–5F-52
  • Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, City of Davenport, STP-U-1827(674)–70-82
  • Jessie, West and Brooks St Reconstruction, City of Ossian, STP-U-5785(601)–70-96
  • South Rd over Clear Crk Bridge Replacement, City of Lansing, BROS-4205(603)–8J-03


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