Dubuque Intermodal Transportation Center

Dubuque, IA

Dubuque Intermodal Transportation Center

The three-story open parking structure at the Dubuque Intermodal Transportation Center features two glass stair towers and a pedestrian walkway connecting it to the intermodal facility.

This two-bay wide cast-in-place, post tensioned concrete parking facility provides about 300 spaces and bicycle storage.

This parking facility is part of Dubuque’s Intermodal Transportation Center project, designed to improve access to The Jule and other transportation services in and around Dubuque. The center also includes an intermodal transportation terminal and a bus storage and maintenance facility.

IIW provided a variety of critical quality control testing and inspection throughout the construction for everything from the cast-in-place concrete placements and cylinders to welding and masonry inspection. IIW inspected the rebar and tendon placement and provided the necessary documentation of the tendon elongation.

* Designed by Vedi Associates


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