10th & Central Parking Ramp & Fire Headquarters Expansion

Dubuque, IA

10th & Central Parking Ramp & Fire Headquarters Expansion

IIW conducted a series of material and quality control tests to ensure the new 7-level open parking facility and Fire Headquarters expansion in Dubuque, Iowa, would achieve the desired performance.

Designers created the 10th and Central Parking Ramp to be a post-tensioned concrete parking facility partially clad with an architectural precast concrete façade and containing 477 parking spaces.

The Fire Headquarters Expansion included the construction of a 3-bay wide fire station equipment expansion structure on the west side of the existing headquarters for the department.

IIW provided the quality control testing for all cast-in-place concrete placements, slump air content, checking temperature, casting and breaking of cylinders, inspection of rebar and tendon placement and inspection and documentation of tendon elongation. IIW also provided masonry inspection and testing services, density backfilling testing and performed visual welding inspection.

*Project Designed by The Durrant Group, Inc.


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