Construction Services

Construction Services

Ensuring a construction project is executed well takes intention and careful inspection.

At IIW, we operate a full-service accredited laboratory with a team of certified technicians who provide our clients, colleagues and crews with the information they need to make thoughtful decisions throughout the construction process.

IIW’s technicians conduct a wide range of specialized testing and inspection services to for parking ramps, buildings and streetscape projects. They provide reports on the results and then work with the project team to identify solutions based on the findings.

Different projects require different skill sets, so we provide clients solutions that range from comprehensive services, such as DOT Project Management and Construction Administration, to as-needed services, like Material Testing and Construction Observation.

Throughout the process, the IIW Construction Services team remains focused on understanding the needs of our clients, listening to their concerns and helping ensure the work is completed to state, federal and the client’s specified standards.

Construction Services Expertise

IIW offers extensive construction services for public and private clients in each of these core categories:

Mentoring Program

To ensure our Team has a broad range of expertise, we assign mentors to develop the personal and professional skills of new and existing employees wanting to expand their knowledge and expertise at IIW. This program is designed to achieve employee’s professional development goals within the IIW organization.