Verena Street Coffee Co.

Dubuque, Iowa

Verena Street Coffee Co.

Verena Street Coffee Co. produces craft roasted coffee that is distributed both locally and nationally. As their business experienced a boom in growth in a short five year period, the owners knew it was time to expand.

In late 2015, they broke ground on a new 35,000 sf coffee roasting facility in the Dubuque Industrial Center South. The facility is comprised of a 30,000 sf coffee roasting, packaging, and shipping operation, with a 5,000 sf office area, including staff amenities. 

One of the goals of the project was to connect the office and public spaces to the manufacturing area. The owners also wanted to upgrade their traditional manufacturing facility—the newly modern Verena Street Coffee Co. includes ergonomic equipment, providing a comfortable and safe environment for employees.

The exterior of the new facility is welcoming to visitors featuring warm brick masonry with a dramatic entrance and vibrant signage showcasing the company’s brand. The building is accentuated with bright, wayfinding colors and a generous canopy sunshade protecting the visitor path from elements year-round.

The lobby is generously sized to serve many purposes. Large windows on two sides fill the entire space with natural light, spilling into the manufacturing facility through a large window that allows visitors an expansive view of the company’s prize roasters. 

IIW provided architectural, structural, and civil engineering design, along with land survey and construction services. 



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