Office Addition


Office Addition

Company leaders of this Midwest manufacturer got creative coming up with office space for its expanding staff. Their best option was to utilize factory-floor space to provide an additional 21,400 SF, including an open office area with cubicles and collaboration stations, private offices, conference rooms, visitor presentation room, cafeteria, and restrooms.

The project created a visitor entrance and passage from the main office building to the factory building. The path was designed to provide as much protection as possible from the elements. Both entrances include a three-sided canopy extending to the road running between the two buildings.

Since the new office space was located within the factory, company leadership really wanted to make the office area appealing to the staff that would reside there. The design incorporated glazing to bring in natural light, ample spaces to enhance the feeling of openness, and well-furnished and finished amenities. There was also much attention given to eliminating sound from the noisy factory.

The factory build out was finished with a precession hallway and presentation room utilized for daily factory tours.

IIW provided architectural and structural engineering services for the project.


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