Executive Express

Waite Park, MN

Executive Express

Executive Express has been growing rapidly since 2012. With over 120 employees, and 45 vehicles, they had outgrown both their home, and the use of the Holiday Inn as a departure and arrival point. So in 2017, they bought the property in Waite Park that formerly housed S.J. Louis Construction.

The site consisted of 15 acres, and included a 10,000 SF maintenance garage, and 1700 SF of existing office space as well as some other miscellaneous buildings. All that was lacking was a new arrival/departure lounge and a logical place for buses to pick up and drop off.

IIW, working with Owner Larry Logeman and his staff, designed a new 2700 SF arrival and departure lounge, and protected bus parking. The design also included the additional customer and staff parking, and roadways to accommodate the bus and vehicle traffic. It was important to Executive Express that the new location focus on the customer experience. To that end, the design makes the access from the parking area to the departure lounge and check-in area simple and intuitive. The customer waiting and lounge areas feature high ceilings and an abundance of glass for natural light. Moving from this lounge to your bus when called is both simple and protected from the weather. The existing office space has been repurposed to house all of the Executive Express administrative and support functions, as well as break areas for the drivers and other staff. The maintenance building has been upgraded to support the maintenance of the Executive Express fleet, and the exterior painted to improve the overall appearance of the building.

Everything has been done to provide a comfortable customer experience and working conditions for the Executive Express personnel.


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