DeWitt Police Station

DeWitt, IA

DeWitt Police Station

For many years, the City of DeWitt Police Department made due with the cramped and less than ideal conditions for their police station. The city’s civic leaders knew the existing police station location did not provide an option for expansion—they needed to look at a new location. One of the options reviewed was looking at the resources they had available to them.

For the police department, one property stood out as a potential solution—a vacant building owned by Eastern Iowa Light and Power Cooperative, located on the north edge of town. The 6,400-square-foot building had more space than they were accustomed to, but not quite enough space to meet the needs of the DeWitt Police Department. They were accustomed to working in a 2,300-square-foot space.

High on the list of priorities were centralized file storage, adequate evidence storage, more adequate spaces for officers to file reports, and locker rooms with showers. There was also a need for secure holding cells and processing areas for the officers.

The final layout included small additions to expand the total office and support areas to 8,840 square feet. This area included a secure, 3 car vehicular sally port and an animal holding area for the temporary housing of the city’s stray animals. The training room was located to allow the use of the space, along with public restrooms, by the public, while still maintaining the overall security of the remainder of the building.

A bright new lobby with large windows and high ceilings became the feature of the front façade, set against a backdrop of brick and cast stone. The parking lot was designed to allow for easy maintenance, as well as allowing the future construction of a 3,200 sf addition (if needed). A secure fenced-in area with remote control access gates was provided as yet another security measure for the facility.