Beckman Catholic High School Addition & Remodel

Dyersville, Iowa

Beckman Catholic High School Addition & Remodel

With student retention and security major priorities, administrators at Beckman Catholic High School wanted to provide a more up-to-date, larger athletic facility while also creating a more secure school entrance for students and staff. IIW worked with administrators on a two-phase addition to the school.

The first phase of the project included a 5,000 sf addition of a chapel, sacristy, vestibule, and front office. The addition of the chapel was an important aspect of the project—a focal point of the facility with the intention of keeping it open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for community use.

The office area included reception, nurse’s room, athletic director office, and assistant principal office. With the goal of student safety in mind, a secure entry was incorporated into the design. Previously, visitors were not required to check in, posing a security threat to students and staff. Visitors now must go through the secure office entry upon arrival.

The second phase of the project involved a 28,500 SF gymnasium space with an additional 2,700 SF storage mezzanine. The gym features two high school size basketball courts with 150 spectator seats. A wrestling room, weight room, public restrooms, and a locker/shower rooms were also added. During game times, there was a considerable lack of space with several different sports utilizing it. The new gym provided additional practice courts, including indoor golf, baseball, softball, track, and cross country.

With a desire to provide a best area of refuge for students and staff, the restrooms, locker rooms, and hallway were designed to protect building occupants during an extreme weather event.

IIW provided architectural, structural engineering, and testing & inspection services on the project.



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