American Trust & Savings Bank

Asbury, Iowa

Dubuque, Iowa

Dyersville, Iowa

American Trust & Savings Bank

Building a business takes creative solutions. In recent years, architects Mike Ruden and Mark Fassbinder helped American Trust & Savings Bank improve and expand its facilities across Iowa.

With each project, Ruden and Fassbinder helped the bank identify opportunities to attract new customers and continue to put serving customers first.

In Keywest, the architects created and executed a plan to build a new branch office while allowing the existing facility to remain operational and serving customers throughout the entire construction project.

In Asbury, the focus was on increasing the bank’s visibility from the street. The architectural team worked with the Iowa Department of Transportation to gain approval to modify their property adjacent to this new branch location. Using modeling technology, the architects made it feel like bank leaders were doing a “drive-by” of the new building with the proposed changes.

The architects also elevated the presence of the bank’s location in Dyersville, Iowa. They designed a plan to maximize the visibility of this branch location from all local streets as well as a nearby state highway. They also created a highly visual model showing how the location of both the building and the building sign on the site would enhance the visibility.

*Work performed while at another firm.