Dubuque, IA—IIW recently unveiled its new innovation studio in downtown Dubuque.

The IIW Innovation Studio is an innovative, high-energy space at the Creative Adventure Lab, a nonprofit organization that fosters creativity and innovation to generate value for the community.

The new space offers an off-site location to foster creativity, innovation, and teamwork amongst IIW’s staff. It’s also an ideal location and creative space to better serve clients in the downtown area.

“Your environment has a direct impact on your productivity. Providing our employees a creative, vibrant space to generate ideas is one of the many reasons we partnered with Creative Adventure Lab,” said Mike Ruden, AIA, Director of Architectural Operations at IIW.

IIW joins corporate sponsors, Hodge Company and John Deere, as the third innovation space sponsor.

“Partnering with Creative Adventure Lab is a perfect fit for IIW to actively support a nonprofit organization dedicated to STEM, innovation, and the arts,” said Pat Ready, PE, Director of Engineering Operations at IIW. “When IIW is not using the space, Creative Adventure Lab can offer the space to other organizations, which helps them as a nonprofit earn extra dollars.”

The IIW Innovation Studio is located on the 2nd floor Innovation Lab of Creative Adventure Lab. For more information, go to creativeadventurelab.org.