Loras College Remodels Keane Hall for MBA Program

A partnership to reimagine and optimize space on the campus of Loras College most recently led to the unveiling of a new home for a growing Masters of Business Administration program. Situated in the iconic Keane Hall, the MBA program capitalizes on the Mississippi River and city views and combines comfort, collaboration and leading technology to provide Business Analytic students environments where they can thrive.

Keane Hall has been a signature on the Iowa campus, representing one of the original buildings for the college that dates back to 1913. Over the years, it has been home to a residence hall, bowling alley, gymnasium, chapel, bookstore and administrative offices. More recently, the building primarily housed administrative and student services and became underutilized with several vacant floors.

As a part of its longstanding partnership with Loras College, IIW assessed the spaces and developed a remodeling plan that fulfills a campus programming need and respects the tradition of Keane Hall.

The new design of Keane Hall opens up the existing rigid floor plan at the center to provide natural light and views from new open meeting rooms and lounge space. The design takes advantage of the openness at each end of the building to create classrooms and seminar spaces. Every space provides views of the Mississippi River and city skyline.

Significant demand for its business programs prompted Loras College to launch a Master’s of Business Administration degree focuses on Business Analytics in 2012. A certificate program followed in 2014 and most recently an undergraduate program in 2015. The Business Analytics program at Loras College has garnered national attention as it equips business leaders to understand the use of data in driving decisions, including the ethics involved.

The results of the third-floor remodel for the MBA program led the college to now explore similar opportunities for the fourth and fifth floors of Keane Hall.