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IA 32 (NW Arterial) Capacity Improvements
The IA 32 capacity improvement project went beyond the expansion of the roadway to include the integration of new traffic technology, including a fiber optic system, pan-tilt-zoom... > READ MORE

Matteson Street

This federally funded project led by the IIW team transformed a rural roadway with ditch drainage into an ADA-accessible, urban section with a storm sewer system. Managed through the Iowa Department of... > READ MORE

Port of Dubuque Public Parking Facility

With tinted glass on the four stair towers, arched limestone entrances, the four-level Port of Dubuque Parking Ramp naturally blends into the mixed-use development of the nearby storefronts and provides... > READ MORE

Chestnut Street Rountree Branch Bridge

Providing a more direct route to University of Wisconsin – Platteville led to the street reconstruction and replacement of the Chestnut Street Rountree Branch Bridge in Platteville, Wisconsin.... > READ MORE