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Belmont-Platteville Recreational Trail

IIW designed a new recreational trail that stretches through Lafayette County and Grant County, Wisconsin, and connected several existing trails in the communities of Belmont and Platteville. This development... > READ MORE

Airport Road over Branch Platte River

IIW balanced an endangered species habitat and bridge size and placement when replacing a bridge that had been deemed functionally obsolete, narrow, and structurally deficient along Airport Road in Grant... > READ MORE

11th Street Reconstruction

The expansion of a local middle school and high school led officials to partner with IIW to design and oversee the associated street-widening project. This included a series traffic control improvements... > READ MORE

Tri-State Quality Metals Office & Manufacturing Facility

When the growth of Tri-State Quality Metals pushed its facility to the limit, the midwestern metal fabricator called on the architects and engineers at IIW to design an administrative complex and manufacturing... > READ MORE