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Cedar Cross Road Development

With an eye on rezoning, Royal Oaks Development looked to IIW to review grading options and driveway access to change a newly acquired property from agricultural to commercial and conduct a complex traffic... > READ MORE

C57-V62 Roundabout

Well-designed roadways can mean the difference between life and death. A series of fatalities at the intersection County roads C-57 and V-62 led Buchanan County to call on IIW’s expertise. IIW evaluated... > READ MORE

Blain’s Farm & Fleet

The construction of a new 114,000-square-foot retail facility with plans for three smaller retailers called for the completion a traffic impact study. Blain’s Farm and Fleet chose IIW to assess the traffic... > READ MORE

Belmont-Platteville Recreational Trail

IIW designed a new recreational trail that stretches through Lafayette County and Grant County, Wisconsin, and connected several existing trails in the communities of Belmont and Platteville. This development... > READ MORE

Airport Road over Branch Platte River

IIW balanced an endangered species habitat and bridge size and placement when replacing a bridge that had been deemed functionally obsolete, narrow, and structurally deficient along Airport Road in Grant... > READ MORE