Far-Nuff Road Ditch Reconstruction

Cassville Township, WI

Far-Nuff Road Ditch Reconstruction

Severe erosion and pavement damaged caused by high volumes of precipitation created a public safety hazard in Cassville Township. Township leaders enlisted IIW’s team of municipal engineers to identify the best solution to repair Far-Nuff Road and work with state and federal authorities to see it through.

IIW performed a route survey and analyzed options to help township leaders determine the least cost alternative based upon best engineering practices.

IIW municipal engineers then performed hydrologic and hydraulic calculations to determine appropriate ditch sections and protection. They coordinated the design and cost estimate with FEMA, the Wisconsin DNR, the Corps of Engineers, and other regulatory agencies.

IIW prepared construction drawings and specifications that included thoughtful and prudent practices. By using synthetic turf reinforcement mat to stabilize soil and reinforce the vegetation, IIW provided a more cost-effective alternative to riprap armoring.

The final design also included repair of the existing seal-coat roadway, flattening existing roadway embankments to enhance slope stability, and revising ditch grades and cross sections to mitigate erosive forces to better protect the roadway from weather conditions in the future. Integrating these simple concepts made the project area more sustainable.


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